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In 1446, the widow of the Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck held a raffle to dispose of his remaining paintings: This was one of the first recorded European lotteries,.

Odds of winning:
Mega Millions Jackpot
175,711,536 to 1

Powerball Jackpot
146,107,962 to 1

SuperLOTTO Plus
41,416,353 to 1
California Fantasy 5
575,757 to 1

NJ Pick 6
13,983,816 to 1
NJ Cash 5
658,008 to 1
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Our Services

We deliver lottery numbers generated from proprietary pattern recognition algorithms to be used for the next MEGA MILLIONSTM, PowerballTM, California SuperLotto Plus TM, New Jersey Pick 6TM and Cash 5TM lotteries.'s pattern recognition algorithms identify distinguishing attributes of past winning numbers and are then used for intelligent number selections.

How Does Recognize Patterns?

We apply Chaos Theory to lottery results. Chaos Theory helps explain what appears to be a state of utter confusion or disorder. Chaos theorists can find patterns or a simple periodic behavior in what appears to be chaotic randomness. We have developed a patent pending systems that finds repeating patterns of any lottery system.

How Do You Test Pattern Recognition?

To prove the validity of our approach we built a simulator that clearly shows the effect and results of "virtual odds". The simulator specifies a number of lottery players and how many tickets they could purchase.

We test our results against various scenarios. One scenario uses standard quick pick selections - like you get at the convenience store - while the other uses our selections.

The number generation has the ability to intelligently pick numbers that fall into one of our patterns. Intelligently picking numbers and throwing out unlikely combinations also yields a higher winning base when used in our simulator.

Are Your Results Any Better Than "Lucky Numbers"?

When you choose to play numbers from, your physical odds (which can never change) are still for example 1 in 175,711,536 for MEGA MILLIONSTM. But if our pattern hits for that day, your odds now virtually shift to approximately 1 in 9,000,000 depending what pattern is used.

In English, please?

Pattern #1 hit over 49 times for 2005...

We make available four of the most efficient patterns and offer the same intelligent number generation for your next lottery purchase of either the MEGA MILLIONSTM, PowerballTM, or California SuperLOTTO PlusTM lotteries for only $3.95 per month.

To find out more about how we get our results, go to Our Secrets


There is no system in the world that can change your odds when purchasing a lottery ticket. The only way to improve your odds for winning any lottery game is to buy another ticket and make sure it doesn't have the same numbers you already selected on the previous ticket. But when a pattern hits for a lottery drawing, odds do decrease which we call virtual odds. See Our Results page for the number of times our four patterns have hit in the past year and their virtual odds.

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